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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Anusthana of Saraswatya Mantra

Regular and sincere jap of Saraswatya mantra leads to the development of the intellect and memory

power beyond our imagination. The elevated lives of great many students initiated by Pujya Bapuji in the Saraswatya mantra bear a testimony to this.

If a student wants to make his life brilliant, vibrant and divine and to emerge out victorious in all fronts of life, he must observe an Anushthana of Saraswatya mantra. The procedure for the Anushthana is as follows:

  • The Anushthana of Saraswatya mantra is to be completed in seven days.
  • 170 rounds of mala are to be done each day.
  • One should wear only white clothes during these seven days.
  • One should take a saltless diet during the Anushthana. Khir prepared from milk and rice is recommended.
  • One should worship goddess Saraswati with white flowers before beginning the jap of the mantra. The Bhog offered to Goddess Saraswati should also be Khir.
  • One should pray to Maa Saraswati for a pure and sharp intellect.
  • One should sleep on the ground on a mat or a blanket and observe Mauna as much as possible.
  • Jap done on a mala of crystal beads is all the more beneficial.

Other rules regarding place, sleeping, purity, etc. are common to an Anushthana of other mantras. A detailed account of the guidelines and precautions for an Anushthana of mantras is given in the Hindi books Mantra-Jap Mahima evam Anushthana Vidhi and Ishtasiddhi published by the Ashram.


Anonymous said...

I have been doing the saraswati mantra anusthana for the past 6 days, today being my last day. Unfortunately, however, my menstrual cycle (period) started today, I was deeply saddened and realized that I could no longer finish my anusthana. However, a fellow guru-behen told me that I can do the mala-jap while on my period, is that true? In that case, can I still finish my anusthana?

narbajaj said...

You can complete anustan without touching mala and without pronouncing om in your mantra. Hope this helps.

Naveen Tirthani said...

If it was nishkaam japa, then narbajaj is true. You can do japa w/o pranav and w/o touching mala.
But theoritically, you can ask some other sadhak to do japa on your behalf, for last day.

Om Om Om

ankur said...

its better to ask from Gurudev about this problem & then do the next process.

Anonymous said...

plz anyone tell me saraswatya mantra ...

Anonymous said...

I also need saraswoti mantra to do japa for sharp intelect and bidhya. Is this only for those who are dishit from gurudev? Please kindly give me this mantra.

Anonymous said...

i have taken guru deeksha of saraswati mantra from bapuji under force of my mother(her guru is not bapuji)and didnt do mala regularly and out of laziness i stopped doing mala 2yrs ago because of which im suffering so much which i could'nt even dream of. today my state of education has become very very poor ihave my board exams after four days but still iknow nothing i lost my intrest in education i feel lazy to hold the book whereas so good in studies 2yrs ago.
i was treating lord sai ram as everything to me from my childhood
i had no mantra or deeksha but i have many lovely experiences with that god and i didnt knew that we have to do mala for 10times a day so i coldnt do it but i love bapuji even if he punishes me for my mistake i dont know what to do now pls help me yo come out of this situation pls help

Manjunatha said...

Hi i am interest to know saraswathi mantra to improve my intellectual level.. can any one tell me this mantra?..

Manjunatha said...

Hi i am very interested to learn saraswathi mantra to improve my intellectual level.. Please can any one tell me about this mantra?

om said...

Hari Om,

You can get Saraswati Mantra from Pujya Bapuji.

Mantras are to be kept secret.

Om Om Om

Anonymous said...

What are the acutal sanksrit WORDS OF THE SARASWATYA MANTRA? please tell.

Anonymous said...

Hari om! Relating to the graces of doing jap of saraswatya mantra, words can't define it. It's bliss is the gain of unparalleld acumen , intuitional knowledge and above all the sublime state of mental peace. And, as far as the revealation of saraswatya mantra is concerned, the spiritual laws does not allow the deeksha-initiated sadhak students to speak it to anyone ,whether he or she is intimate to sadhak.

Anonymous said...

I have taken Guru Diksha from other Gurudev.
But as we know parmatma toh advait hai aur isliye Bapuji bhi mere Gurudev hai.
Maine Saraswatya mantra toh nahi liya hai lekin apne Gurudev k diye hue mantra ka anushthana karna chahti hoon.
Sankalp karna chahti hoon.
Please guide me for the same.


Unknown said...

those who can not able to get saraswatya mantra from guruji there any way they can get dat mantra by the grace of guruji