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Monday, February 25, 2008

Do Upvaas

यदि कोई पूरे नवरात्रि के उपवास-व्रत न कर सकता हो तो सप्तमी, अष्टमी और नवमी तीन दिन (21st to 23rd Oct' 2012) उपवास करके देवी की पूजा करने से वह सम्पूर्ण नवरात्रि के उपवास के फल को प्राप्त करता है।

Pujya Bapuji said, one should do Navratri upvas for all the 9 days, if one cannot - one should do it for last 6 days, or then also someone can't , one should do upvaas for atleast last 3 days of Navratri, i.e. 7th,8th and 9th day of Navratri. . Pujya Bapuji himself shall keep upvaas on these days.
(नवरात्रि :- 23rd Mar - 1stApr 2012 और 16th Oct - 23rd Oct 2012 )

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smile said...

hari om...jai guru dev...