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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

अपाचन हो तो?

अपाचन बढ़ा तो अजवाइन, सौंठ और काली मिर्च का मिश्रण करके वो पाउडर एक चुटकी ले तो पाचन ठीक होगा...सुबह ले ले और २/३ घंटे बाद भोजन करे...

Indigestion :-

If suffering from indigestion, then take a pinch of mixture made of Celery( ajwain), dry ginger and black pepper. This will aid the digestion process. Take it in the morning and have your meals 2-3 hours later.
12th October 2008, Faridabad.

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