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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

आसन सिद्ध करने के लिए

अनुष्ठान शुरू कर रहे हो तो पहले आसन सिद्ध करें...स्थापना करें । पूर्व दिशा की ओर मुंह करके आसन पर बैठें । चावल के दाने ( अक्षत ) हल्दी से पीले कर दें । अग्नि कोण (पूर्व और दक्षिण के बीच का ) में आसन के नीचे कोने पर वो दाने रख दिए और ' ॐ गं गणेशाय नमः ' मेरा आसन और अनुष्ठान सिद्ध हो ...मेरे जप ध्यान में कोई विघ्न न आए। फिर नेर्रित्त्य कोण ( दक्षिण और पश्चिम के बीच का कोण ) के आसन के कोने के नीचे दाने रख दिए और प्रार्थना करें ' ॐ एं सरस्वत्यै नमः ' ...हें सरस्वती मुझे सद्बुद्धि देना... मेरे अनुष्ठान में मैं ही अड़चन न बनूँ ...मैं उपवास न तोडूं .... मेरी बुद्धि बनी रहे । फिर वायव्य कोण ( पश्चिम और उत्तर के बीच का कोण ) के आसन के कोने के नीचे चावल के दाने रखे और ' ॐ दुं दुर्गाय नमः ' हें माँ दुर्गा ... काम , क्रोध , लोभ, मोह, मद, मत्सर, आदि अगर मेरे जप अनुष्ठान में अड़चन बनें तो मेरे ये दुर्गुणों को भी तू दूर करना । फिर ईशान कोण ( उत्तर और पूर्व के बीच का कोण ) के कोने के नीचे दाने रख दिए और ' श्याम क्षेत्रपालय नमः ' जपे ।

Accomplishment of asana

Before starting any anusthaan, it is important to accomplish your asana.. i.e. establish asana. Sit on your asana facing towards the east. Coat some rice grains yellow using turmeric. Towards agni direction (between east and south), keep two grains under your asana and recite "AUM GAM GANESHAAYA NAMAH" praying that may this asana become purified and support fulfillment of my anusthaan without any obstacles. Then in Natritiya direction (between south and west), keep a few grains under your asana and recite to Maa Saraswati "AUM AIM SARASWATYAE NAMAH" and pray to her to grant pure intellect, may I myself not become a hinderance to my anusthaan, may I not break my fasting and may my intellect hold steady. Then in Vayavya direction (between west and north), keep a few grains under your asana and recite to Maa Durga "AUM DOOM DURGAYA NAMAH". Oh mother Durga... may ego, lust, anger, lethargy, greed, etc be driven away if they try to trouble me during my anusthaan. Then in Ishaan direction (between north and east) keep a few grains under your asana and recite "SHYAM KSHETRAPALAAYA NAMAH".

- श्री सुरेशानंदजी Mathura 8th, Oct 2011


Pallavi said...

Hari om,

This information proved to be very beneficial for me... Sadhuwaad for ur sewa..!!


Pallavi said...

Hari om,
The information you provided is very beneficial... Sadhuuwaad for your sewa..!


Anonymous said...

Sarswati mantr k anushthan ki vidhi bta do koi... Mze krna hai anushthan

om said...

Hari Om Ji,

Visit :-

Anusthana of Saraswatya Mantra

Regular and sincere jap of Saraswatya mantra leads to the development of the intellect and memory

power beyond our imagination. The elevated lives of great many students initiated by Pujya Bapuji in the Saraswatya mantra bear a testimony to this.

If a student wants to make his life brilliant, vibrant and divine and to emerge out victorious in all fronts of life, he must observe an Anushthana of Saraswatya mantra. The procedure for the Anushthana is as follows:

The Anushthana of Saraswatya mantra is to be completed in seven days.
170 rounds of mala are to be done each day.
One should wear only white clothes during these seven days.
One should take a saltless diet during the Anushthana. Khir prepared from milk and rice is recommended.
One should worship goddess Saraswati with white flowers before beginning the jap of the mantra. The Bhog offered to Goddess Saraswati should also be Khir.
One should pray to Maa Saraswati for a pure and sharp intellect.
One should sleep on the ground on a mat or a blanket and observe Mauna as much as possible.
Jap done on a mala of crystal beads is all the more beneficial.

Other rules regarding place, sleeping, purity, etc. are common to an Anushthana of other mantras. A detailed account of the guidelines and precautions for an Anushthana of mantras is given in the Hindi books Mantra-Jap Mahima evam Anushthana Vidhi and Ishtasiddhi published by the Ashram.


om said...

Aslo Visit :-