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Thursday, May 17, 2012

जप में मन न लगे तो :-

कभी-कभी आपका घर पर जप करने में मन नहीं लग रहा हो तो एक काम करना ... गुरुदेव की एक तस्वीर कुर्सी पर रख कर ...चारों तरफ परिक्रमा करते हुए जप करो ...गुरुदेव की भी परिक्रमा होगी और शिवजी कहते हैं, गुरुदेव का शरीर अक्षय वट वृक्ष है और कोई बोले तो हम माने .......पर साक्षात् भोला नाथ कहते हैं ...अक्षय वट वृक्ष की परिक्रमा करें तो मनोकामना पूरी होती है | गुरुदेव की कुटीर की भी परिक्रमा कई आश्रमो में होती है |

Difficulty in concentrating while doing Japa:-

Sometimes when you have difficulty in concentrating in doing Japa at home. Then do as follows... Keep Gurudev's portrait on a chair and do Japa while circulambulating around the chair. ... This way, you will not only have circumambulated around Gurudev.. and Lord Shiva has said that the body of Gurudev is an eternal banyan tree. We would not believe if someone else had said this but Lord Shiva incarnate himself has quoted this. Then, by revolving around the eternal banyan tree, our wishes will be granted.

One can even circumambulate around Gurudev's hermitage at many ashrams.

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- श्री सुरेशानंदजी Delhi 5th May 2012

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