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Monday, February 25, 2008


Pujya Bapuji

Shri SureshanandJi


ravi said...

hariomji bhut bhut dhanyawad....surebaji ki in anmol matro ki audio upload karne kee liyee hariom

bhushan said...

Hari om Bhagavant,
sureshanadji ke in mantro ki audio ko is site pe prakashit karne ke liye bahut bahut dhanyawad sabhi logo ko in mantro ka bahut labh milega.


Bhuahan Ruikar

Renu said...

Jai Hariomji,

I am so deligthed to read the articles and listening the audios. I never heard and read it before. If I knew that so many good things are there to know, I would have never missed attending the sessions.

May I know the details, how to visit Bapuji and get his darshan. I am a newbie and very much interested in gaining such adhaytmik knoweldge.

Tons of thanks.