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Monday, February 25, 2008

Lunar Eclipse Tips

  • One who drinks water early in the morning everyday after doing jap of the eight lettered mantra. "aum namo Nãrãyanãya", 25 times, gets delivered from all sins, attains enlightenment and becomes free from all diseases.
  • A deserving sadhaka should do eight thousand jap of the above mantra touching 'Brahmi Ghrita' while observing a fast during a lunar or solar eclipse. The Brahmighrita is to be consumed after the eclipse is over. This bestows the aspirant with enhanced power of concentration, ability to compose poems and 'vaak siddhi'.

Rules to be observed during an eclipse

  • A person who consumes food during eclipse goes to 'Aruntud Naraka' and is doomed to remain there for as many years as the number of food grains he has consumed during the eclipse. He suffers from stomach ailments in his next birth and is afflicted with a tumour in the body, loses one of his eyes and then all his teeth as well. (Devi Bhagwata : 9:35. 11-13)
  • One who consumes food earned by others during a lunar or solar eclipse loses all the virtues accumulated over a period of twelve years. (Skanda Purana, Prabhasa Khanda: 207. 11-13)
  • One who digs the ground during an earthquake or an eclipse earns sins that entitle him to crippled body in his next birth. (Devi Bhagwata: 9.10.28)

-Rishi Prasad Oct 2004

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