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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

पेट में कमजोरी हो तो –

जिसके पेट में कमजोरी है, आँत में कमजोरी है तो नारियल का पानी थोडा गुनगुना घी डाल के पीये अथवा तो आँवले का रस पीयो सुबह-सुबह आँते मजबूत हो जायेगी | ओं ओं डकार बंद हो जायेगी |

Weak stomach
Those who are troubled with a weak stomach, or weak intestines, they should drink coconut water with luke warm ghee or drink amla extract early in the morning to strengthen the intestinal activity. This will also help get rid of the "Oi.. Oi.." belching.

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- Pujya Bapuji Hyderabad 5th July' 2013

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