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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

वर्षा ऋतु विशेष :-

अभी सीजन में बारिश आयेगी.... भूख कम हो जायेगी ...वायु की तकलीफ होगी, पाचन की तकलीफ होगी.... वो तकलीफ आये उसके पहले तकलीफ मिटाने की ताकत तुम्हारे अपने अंदर पैदा कर लो | हरद रसायन औषधि है रसायन माना टोनिक, १-२ गोली सुबह अथवा शाम चूस लिया करो .....जो खाया है वो पाचन टोनिक में बदल जायेगा पुष्टि देने वाला |

Rainy Season Special

This is the season of rains; appetite becomes poor, one may experience gas, bloating and digestion problems. Before the on set of these problems, try to eradicate these issues by improving your ability and strength to deal with these problems. Harad Rasayan tablets means rasayan tonic. Chew 1-2 Harad Rasayan tablets either in the morning or evening. By doing so, whatever you eat gets converted into a digestive tonic that provides strength.

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- Pujya Bapuji Chandigarh 17th June' 2012

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